OFT’s & FLD’s

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Field visit in pearl millet (ABV-04) at Dharmapuramu

Filed visit on backyard birds at chapatla

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Field visit on chilli crop at Reddippali

Field visit on china aster crop at Pasaluru

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 Field visit on dry root rot management in sweet orange at Lingareddipalli  Field visit on SMD redgram management in Chamaluru
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 Field visit in groundnut crop on TCGS-1694 at Lingareddipalli  Filed visit on integrated farming systems at Raghavampalli
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Field visit on community nutrigarden at East Narasapuram

Field visit on Greengram (LGG 607) at Raghavampalli

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 Field visit on maize crop on fall army management at Chedella  Field visit on nutrigarden plot at Raghavamapalli
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Field visit on organic paddy (BPT-5204) at Raghavampalli

Field visit on fruit sucking moth management in pomegranate

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 Field visit to buffalo farm regarding impact of Regional Specific Mineral Mixture at Pothurajukaluva